The Church of the Holy Ascension
Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church
Старообрадческая Православная Церковь
Tone 6 Stichera to the Resurrection

Bring my soul out of prison, * that I may confess Thy name.

Triumphing over Hades, O Christ, Thou didst ascend the Cross, that Thou mightest raise up with Thyself, them that sat in the shadows and darkness of death. O Thou Who art free among the dead, and Who dost pour forth life from Thine own light, O all-powerful Saviour have mercy on us.


The righteous shall wait patiently for me, * until Thou shalt reward me.

Today Christ having trampled down death, hath arisen even as He said, and hath granted joy to all the world, that we may all cry out in hymns and say: Fountain of Life, intangible Light, All-Poweful Saviour have mercy on us.


Out of the depths have I cried unto Thee O Lord, * O Lord hear my voice.

From Thee O Lord Who art throughout all creation, wither shall we sinners flee? In heaven Thou Thyself dwellest. In Hades Thou hast trampled down death. In the depths of the sea Thy hand is there, Master. Unto Thee do we flee for refuge, and falling down before Thee we pray: O Thou Who didst rise from the dead have mercy on us.