The Church of the Holy Ascension
Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church
Старообрадческая Православная Церковь
Tone 7 Stichera to the Resurrection

Bring my soul out of prison, * that I may confess Thy name.

Come let us rejoice in the Lord, Who crushed the dominion of death, and enlightened the human race, and let us call out with the bodiless angels: O our Creator and Saviour glory to Thee.


The righteous shall wait patiently for me, * until Thou shalt reward me.

Having endured crucifixion and burial for our sakes, Saviour, Thou didst put death to death by death as God. Therefore we worship Thy Resurrection on the third day: O Lord glory to Thee.


Out of the depths have I cried unto Thee O Lord, * O Lord hear my voice.

On beholding the Resurrection of the Creator the Apostles marvelled, singing an angelic song of praise. This is the glory of the Church; this is the wealth of the kingdom. O Lord Who didst suffer for us glory to Thee.