The Church of the Holy Ascension
Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church
Старообрадческая Православная Церковь
Lord I have cried to Thee (Tone 1)

Psalm 140: O Lord, I have cried unto Thee.

Refrain: Hearken to us, O Lord.

...When I cry unto Thee

...As an evening sacrifice.

...To make excuse with excuses in sins.

...Let it not anoint my head.

...Take not my soul away.

...Until I pass by.


Psalm 141: ...With my voice unto the Lord have I made supplication.

Refrain: I have cried to Thee, save me.

...Mine affliction before Him will I declare.

...And there is none that watcheth out for my soul.

...My portion is in the land of the living.

...That I may confess Thy name.

...Until Thou shalt reward me.


Psalm 129 & 116: ...O Lord, hear My voice.

Refrain: O Christ Saviour, have mercy on us.

...To the voice of my supplication.

...For with Thee there is forgivness.

...My soul hath hoped in the Lord.

...Let Israel hope in the Lord.

...Out of all his iniquities.

...Praise Him, all ye peoples.

...And the truth of the Lord abideth for ever.

Stichera to the Resurrection (Tone 1)

Bring my soul out of prison, * That I may confess Thy name

Accept Thou our evening prayers, O Holy Lord, and grant us remission of sins, as Thou alone art He, Who hath shown forth in the world the Resurrection.


The righteous shall wait patiently for me, * Until Thou shalt reward Me

Encircle Zion, O ye people, and encompass her; and give glory therein unto Him, Who hath risen from the dead; for He is our God, Who hath delivered us from our iniquities.


Out of the depths have I cried unto Thee, * O Lord hear my voice

Come ye people, let us hymn and worship Christ, glorifying His Resurrection from the dead; for He is our God, Who hath delivered the whole world, from the deception of the enemy.